We combine the tourist offer of the valley into several main categories, which already cover practically everything that visitors are looking for when planning their vacation. The starting point will be the most important choice of suitable accommodation, and we can offer a variety of options. Among the most popular choices are apartments and campsites, which represent the majority of the offer in this area, but you can also browse other options that suit the different tastes of visitors.

Sometimes the choice of accommodation is nicely combined with the culinary offer, but it will certainly be good to know where it is possible to get something good to eat. We present this type of offer with a list of popular restaurants that offer various culinary delights. You can expect a very tempting offer of local specialties, as well as an unlimited choice of all the dishes that we like to enjoy during the summer holidays. The Soča Valley is a popular gourmet destination, so the cuisine certainly deserves special spot.

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